Obnoxious Jerk

I was in love! I bought things for her I did everything for her. Then, she turns behind my back and cheat on me with my best friend! I hate women I don’t want any of them in sight right now. As soon as I walked in that dorm room Becca really remind me of my ex-girlfriend. This made me absolutely mad! The problem with girls is they think they smarter than males. They were only put on this earth to clean, cook, and fulfill men needs. If you know what I mean (wink wink.) I told that girl go make a darn sandwich sitting there reading a book as if she more intelligent than all of us. Of course she replied back to me with a smart remark. That’s why I lost my cool and put her in her place! I can’t believe she embarrassed me in front of my friends. I told her again go make me a sandwich and do it now! What do she think she was made for? To become a teacher or something? Ha! If girls do what I tell them to do we wont have a problem!  At the end of the day, I made my own sandwich but that’s okay I’m going to get revenges that Becca girl! I’m a jerk I know but I get more ladies when I act this way. Actually the minute I let that dorm I felt so bad for treating Becca the way I did. Therefore, I decided to ask her out on a date jus to apologize. But she turned me down and I respect that. Who wants to go out with a jerk like me? Then again who doesn’t? -Creative Girl

What are your thoughts about this ? 


Love Gone Wrong (Written in my Cruzan Dialect)

Love Gone Wrong

“marta you aint see bombquisha face?!” “nah gyal what happened, I hear she and her man was fighting again” “yes gyal! Big fight in the middle of the road! Then he went for his hand gun and buss a shot in her face” “Lawd! I know that boy was crazy but he still sexy though! Damn”

They all stand there and stare at me! Stared at me as my man beat me up! After all I do for him enuh I cook clean and please him but you think he care?! Im jus a piece of meat to he! Lastnight, I was fed up man fed up of he cheating on me and treating me like I is some dog! As soon as I reach in the door pure cuss he geh .! where the hell you been Marquis! After I said that it all went down. Talking buh how he been by his mother. You know how much times he tell me that before. I look like I born yesterday nuh chupz!!! I know he been messing with that gyal down the street name Natasha. Her bo bo eye skunt! Mi cyan stand these gyals them round here. They think relationships are with more than 2  people! I been down for this boy since highschool and I now 23 and still with him! I still with this piece of crap! Fo wa? I don’t even know. Meen self tell he yet that I preggo. Anyway back to wa happened. I buss he one slap when he come in the door. I tired marquis I tired of this! Mi fed up. And you know what he did? He slap me right back and drag me by my weave outside. “You muss me wan you embarrass you infront of everybody” he said But at that point I didn’t care. Everybody already know all we business since I put everything on facebook ! I tell he hit me again man since you is big man hit me again! He then throwed me on the floor and started to kick me belly, head, face, everything! By time I look up the whooooooollllee neighborhood was outside with they phones videotaping.  #IDoItFortheGram And you think any of them people help me? Nope not one soul! I tell he that’s why I gone take all your money from you! Me and this child. He said “child what child that aint my child in there enuh so u better get rid of it matter fact let me help you” After he said that he reached behind his back and pull out he hand gun. Mi heart drop to my belly. He aim right at my head and shot mi right on the side of mi cheek! That’s  when everybody want be coming to help me now chupz! I say leave me alone man let me die right ya I don’t need none of ayo pitty. Next thing you know Babylon and ambulance start to come. Lawd mi never see Marquise run so fast! Chupz listen to mi girls watch who ayo pick to b with cause it have some men out there that jus straight up dogs, Don’t end up like me laying in this hospital bed for 2 months now. I can’t eat nor sleep. All I thinking about is Marquis I hope he safe in jail I love and miss he so much!I forgive he one time for doing what he did I know that he was jus a little upset its really my fault why I like this ya I does overthink too much dehman.

“Marta So tell me why her dumb self went back with the boy” You liiiiiiiieeee, she real shrupid man!” “Well she say buh how she in love so that’s her business.”

Unknown-1 -Creative Girl

Can understand this ?

Love in a Elevator

“Are you serious? I can’t believe this happening right now.” Said Sarah “ Jus relax little lady everything is fine the elevator usually get suck around this time” said Bill. “I can’t relax I’m claustrophobic.” Sarah was having a horrible day today. She recently broke up with her boyfriend and jus a while ago she found out she is pregnant. Furthermore, her mom was in a car crash and she died. It’s been a long day for her. On the other hand, Bill is have a pleasant day as usual. Bill is such a peaceful man. Even though some things may not go his way he does not let it bother him.
It’s very ironic that these two people that so different from each other get trapped in this elevator. Opposites do attract each other. “My life is over!” screamed Sarah. At this point she had nothing to live for. She now has to live on her own, while attending the last year of her high school. On top of that she has to figure out what she is going to do with the baby. Bill suggests that she have an abortion. Sarah opposes to that right away because she believes that’s a very severe sin.
Two hours go by and these two are still stuck in this elevator. As time pass they really get to know each other. Even though Sarah was annoyed by Bill happiness at first she really opens up to him now. He made her realized that you always have to look at the positive things in life. I personally don’t know what so positive about being a senior and pregnant though. Nevertheless, Sarah saw it as a new beginning in her life.
After 3 more hours the elevator finally worked again. By that time these two exchange numbers and planned on becoming good friends or even more. The problem with this situation is Bill is 23 and Sarah is only 16. At this point Bill does not care about age number. He truly fell in love with this girl. I think that he really loves her but he jus sees her as a person that he really needs to help.
Sarah and Bill have been dating for 3 years now. Sarah decided to keep the baby and dropped out of school. Most of the times she stays home with the baby while Bill go out and fulfills his rapping career. I wonder how long is that going to work out ?
-Creative Girl

How many hours were they stuck in the Elevator?
Do you think Sarah and Bill relationship will last ?

Mother VS Daughter

Daughter Perspective

She never understands me. She doesn’t understand what love is or even what I’m going through. She nags me all day about the decision I make! Can’t you see mother I’m 17 I’m practically a grown woman. This is why I didn’t want to tell her that I’m having a baby. My mother doesn’t accept the fact that I’m in love!

“Sarah Get down here right now!” says mother. “What” I replied. “You are not having that baby! If I have to kill it myself then I will!” “I don’t know what you are so worry about. I’m going to finish school before the baby reach and Samuel is going to be there to support me! Can’t you see we are in love mom!”? “You are to young to know the true meaning of love! Why are you following my footsteps! I was in the same situation jus like you and guess what your dad left me the day before you were born! No boy wants to be tied down at such a young age!” “Let me make my own mistakes Mom! Let me live my life the way I want to! I’m going to have these twins and I’m going to give them anything they want” Twins!! You are having twins! And who is going to support you Sarah? Because Sam cannot support you and those babies what that cheap Mcd’s job that he has!” “Why are you scared mom! “I’m intelligent young lady I have this all planned out” “Intelligent! You are not intelligent because you got pregnant in your senior year! I give you a little inch of freedom you take a whole yard! If you going to have sex at least use protection!” “Your are calling me dumb! Your are acting like you didn’t get pregnant with me at the same age!” “I don’t know what to do with you sarah. I preached to you everyday NOT to do the same thing I did!” “Well you want to know a secret mom? I got pregnant for spite! I wanted you to stop treating me like a little child! Hopefully this pregnancy would prove to you that I’m a mature adult! “Mature adult? You are going to see who is the real adult around here.”

Those were the last words I heard from my mom before she shot me multiple times. One in my head, belly, and heart! I couldn’t believe she had it in her to kill her own daughter. Most importantly, my twin babies. Luckily, she killed herself right after, because I planned on haunting and torturing her until the day she died! Image